In addition to complying with regulations, we are concerned with developing a mentality of mutual care and knowledge of the real risks and mitigations within the context of our operations. To provide this learning experience, we use several methodologies for normative training: based on the 6Ds, we use online, face-to-face, hands-on training, Lego Serius Play methodology, VR and VA. In addition to normative training, there are also communication, participation and consultation programs, including:

  • Nexa Safety Day: with the motto Zero Harm, the event promotes a culture in the sense of not generating damages, injuries, losses and impacts on the lives of employees.
  • Sipat & Sipatmin: a Semana Interna de Prevenção de Acidentes de Trabalho promoveu diversas atividades, webinars e eventos voltados à conscientização de colaboradores próprios e prestadores de serviços sobre a prevenção de acidentes e doenças ocupacionais, estendendo o foco de atenção às famílias
  • ORW (Observation of Risks at Work): this safe behavior program seeks to identify and control the risks of activities in the present, so that it is possible to reduce undesirable consequences in the future. The ORT tool is used to assess safe behaviors during the execution of activities, improving the practice of safe behavior.


If you would like to learn more about our occupational health and safety management system, please visit Health, Safety and Well-being.