We seek to promote a value chain guided by ESG best practices, focused on providing sustainable products and solutions to our challenges

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We look for companies that share our values and beliefs, our ethical conduct, our commitment to honest, unbiased, transparent and respectful relationships with people, diversity and the environment.

To become a Nexa partner, please check out our Code of Conduct and whether your company fits our requirements:

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Check out the steps of our registration process


Our pre-registration, selection, quotation and contracting process is carried out by the SAP Ariba Supplier platform.

In the first step, you must register your company in our database of potential suppliers. If your company is selected by the Procurement department, you will receive an invitation via email to proceed to the next step, which is the Approval Process.

To understand the details of the step by step process, please access the Pre-Registration Manual.

Pre-registration manual Access platform


By accepting the invitation to participate in the Approval Process, your company will be close to becoming a Nexa supplier. We will analyze the information and, if your company meets the requirements of the process, it will be approved.

To understand the requested documentation, please access the Document for Suppliers.Please remember to keep your company documentation updated, as we will periodically re-evaluate it!

Document for Suppliers

Supplier Access

If you are already a supplier selected by Nexa, please access the SAP Ariba Supplier platform to view your business dashboard.

Access platform

Contracting process

Nexa carries out quotations and negotiations for contracts and spot purchases through the Ariba Portal.

For contract negotiations and large purchases, SAP Ariba Sourcing is used, and you can be invited directly by the analyst even before joining the Ariba platform.

For Spot purchase negotiations, SAP Ariba Discovery is used, which requires a prior validation of the platform with the signing of an adhesion term with SAP Ariba.

It is important that the supplier checks the general guidelines described in our documents, as they clarify process items such as the submission of invoices, general conditions and criteria for payments, delivery of goods and use of third parties.

Mobilization and monthly control of ancillary obligations

All service providers that enter Nexa’s premises, as well as their contractors, must follow specific criteria to maintain the integrity and safety of processes and people.

To learn more about the process and submission of documents related to the Access Authorization and Ancillary Obligation Control Process, please contact your contract manager.

Payment monitoring

On the Ariba Portal, Nexa suppliers can view the payment schedule for their invoices.

If you have any questions or need to clarify your payments, please contact us at [email protected]

Monitoring quotes and purchase orders

Track everything from the submission of the purchase order to processing the invoice payment for materials or services in the SAP Ariba Portal and its modules. From the beginning to the end of the process, the platform will be the central point to help you checking and confirming your orders.

If you have any questions or need for clarification about the quote or purchase order process, please contact us by the email [email protected]

Understand the process

Pre-Registration SAP Ariba SIPM
Contract Negotiation SAP Ariba Sourcing
Spot Purchase Negotiation SAP Ariba Network
Order, Service sheet, Invoice and Payment SAP Ariba Network

Supplier Management Program

Our Supplier Management Program is based on compliance with Nexa’s values. Regardless of the product or service offered, it is essential that our suppliers are engaged with socio-environmental practices – making responsible use of natural resources and respecting the workers’ rights.

The assessment is applied to our suppliers in the services, materials, inputs, logistics and projects categories, and we consider the ESG dimensions and their final score results in the Supplier Assessment Index (IAF).

ESG dimensions evaluated

At Nexa facilities, suppliers must ensure that all products and services are available and up-to-date in accordance with applicable environmental standards, regulations and laws, as well as actively work to comply with all applicable environmental and material handling policies.

Health and Safety

Nexa expects its suppliers to comply with all Nexa’s Golden Rules in service provision at its units, as well as all applicable government regulations and laws.

Social Management

Nexa expects its suppliers to interact with its different audiences in the geographies where it operates (employees, suppliers, customers and communities), which include views and practices on diversity, human rights and consumer protection.


Nexa expects the following performance aspects from suppliers: prompt response to requests according to the contracted scope (clear, complete and accurate information); agile resolution of all supply issues, meeting action plans within the deadline and taking appropriate measures to ensure that they do not occur again; guarantee of regular supply without defects or problems; and delivery of products and services to agreed locations and deadlines.


Nexa aims to establish a business relationship with partners, customers, suppliers and service providers that share the same commitment to human rights, specifically in relation to: remuneration, labor rights, prevention of harassment, safety, freedom of association, child or forced labor. We emphasize that if the supplier does not meet the Sustainability and Compliance requirements, it will be automatically disqualified.


Nexa will evaluate, when applicable or at its discretion, the documentation of ancillary obligations that were delivered by the supplier within the established deadline and if there is any breach of this obligation.

Supplier Recognition Program

 Nexa's Supplier Recognition Program Nexa Supplier Recognition Program aims to reward and recognize suppliers with relevant and recurring participation, acting in accordance with our sustainable values and principles and with the purpose of generating value.

A performance assessment (IAF) is carried out, showing the supplier’s score in each ESG dimension, guiding it on what needs to be adjusted internally and encouraging continuous improvement. The higher the score in the assessment, the higher the performance assessment. Suppliers well ranked for their performance (final score) with Nexa and ESG practices are recognized annually.

To understand the details, please access:

Supplier Assessment Program Regulation

Award editions

The first edition of Nexa Supplier Recognition Program took place in 2021, in the online format. We celebrated with a big party with our partners, who spared no effort to have an amazing year!

We are very grateful for all the effort and dedication, and happy to recognize the suppliers that stood out the most throughout the year.

Meet the featured winners:

Best Supplier
Best Supplier
Health and Safety
Best Supplier


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