Proportion of spending on local suppliers
2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Total amount spent with suppliers
(US$ milhões)
1.957,11 1054,23 2.194,40 1.221,47 1.840,90
% of spending with local suppliers¹ 3,1% 2,7% 3,8% 10,3% 6,77%

¹ Person or organization that provides a product or service to the reporting organization and is geographically based in the same market as the reporting organization (i.e. no transnational payment to the supplier is made). The geographic definition of "local" can include the community surrounding the operations, the region within a country, or a country. According to VID's Local Supplier Development Policy, local suppliers are defined as those located within the area of influence of Votorantim Industrial's operations, using local labor, collecting taxes and generating jobs in the region.