In order to maintain adequate communication channels to report misconduct, we have the Ethics Line. Created to be impartial and transparent, this channel is prepared to receive from the internal and external public reports of possible violations of the Code of Conduct or of any policy, procedure, law or regulation.

The Ethics Line is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of the information, safeguarding the identity of any person who accesses it, and promoting the best working environment for everyone. Through it, it is possible to report, totally anonymously, any suspicion of financial crime, fraud, corruption, discrimination, harassment, or other types of ethical violations.

The Ethics Line service is available in Portuguese, English, and Spanish, and can be accessed through the Site or by telephone:

  • Brasil: 0800 800 1245 (português);
  • Peru: (0800) 70888 (espanhol);
  • Estados Unidos & Canadá: 1 (800) 723-8163;
  • Luxemburgo: 800 22 925(inglês e francês)