Women in Mining UK in its publication “100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining” includes Nery Monteza of Nexa for her background and impact on the Peruvian mining industry.

Nery Monteza, Empodera group leader, dedicated to promoting gender equity at Nexa Resources, was selected to be part of the fifth edition of the book “100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining” published by Women in Mining (WIM) UK. The publication presents inspirational stories of women who have excelled through their actions to promote a safer, more sustainable and inclusive environment in the mining sector

“Nery, through her volunteer work with Nexa and WIM Peru, has had a great impact on the national mining industry. I am especially inspired by the work she has done with WIM Peru to encourage more high school girls to study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers. To succeed, the mining industry needs more highly trained individuals and a diverse range of perspectives and Nery is helping to achieve this,” said Dr. Stacy Hope, CEO of WIM UK.

The Empodera group is made up of volunteers from the company, who since 2019 have been addressing the challenges that will allow a more diverse and gender-equal work environment in the organization and promote women’s participation at all levels. Through the group, the company has been implementing actions in several areas: safe physical and psychological work environment, signs and symbols of gender inclusion, diversity in the supply chain, social and economic advancement of women in the communities, among others.

“I am aware of the positive impact that mining companies can have on society. Therefore, when I saw the opportunities we had as a company and as a sector, I decided to get involved. So, through Empodera we managed to promote an increase in the number of women in the organization, to be one of the first companies in Peru to extend maternity leave by up to 180 days, and to get mining units to adapt their facilities to accommodate more female workers. Not to mention the implementation of programs and training so that women have the opportunity to hold positions that were traditionally only held by men,” says Nery.

Nexa recently announced to the market its ESG commitments to 2030, which includes the goal of having 30% of women in the workforce (the global average in the sector is 11%) and 30% of women in leadership roles (the company currently has 21%). An example of this commitment is its Aripuanã unit (Brazil), which is one of the only mines in the world that currently has a workforce of approximately 30% women.

“My commitment is to continue being one of the many women around the world who seek to change, from whatever position we are in, our society and the mining sector so that it becomes more inclusive and equal. I am sure that together we can achieve great things and prepare the world for new generations, so that women in the future will have fewer challenges regarding gender equity and inclusion,” concludes Nery.