The company is one of the top five zinc mining companies in the world and is expected to invest US$ 410 million this year in its operations in Brazil and Peru.

Nexa Resources, one of the world’s five largest zinc mining companies, announces that it has met expectations for metal production and sales for the year 2019, in line with projections released by the company throughout the year. The company produced 361,000 tons of zinc, 38,000 tons of copper, 51,000 tons of lead, 8.9 million ounces of silver and 25,000 ounces of gold. For 2020, the production of zinc, its main product, is expected to reach volumes similar to 2019. In the following years, zinc volumes are expected to grow, being 4% in 2021, when the Aripuanã (MT) project should start operating, and 7% in 2022. Metal sales (metallic zinc and zinc oxide) reached 621 thousand tons for the year, an increase of 1% over 2018.


“2019 was a challenging year, considering the international macroeconomic scenario and pressure on commodity prices. In view of this, we have made an extensive review of our internal processes, prioritizing investments in initiatives to increase the efficiency of our operations and generate better returns. For the year 2020, we will work to improve our operating performance by seeking to offset market factors, such as lower metal prices, aiming to deliver better results. “Nexa has a unique position in Latin America, with sound operations and a robust portfolio of projects, so we have kept our growth strategy competitive,” says Tito Martins, the company’s CEO.


By 2020, CAPEX investments should reach US$ 410 million, whose highlight is the Aripuanã project. The fully operational Aripuanã project, which will produce zinc, lead and copper, is expected to receive investments of US$ 220 million this year. In addition to the CAPEX amount, US$ 94 million will be invested in the areas of technology, social, mineral exploration and future project development.


Nexa’s financial results for the fourth quarter and the year 2019 will be released on February 13, after market close.