Through actions with the communities where we operate – in an increasingly close, transparent and constructive relationship – we seek to co-create a positive and structured legacy, enabling affirmative transformations for local development, as well as ensuring that the rights of these communities are respected. To achieve this goal, in 2020 we created a General Management of Social Management, within the Sustainability Department. The change required the area to undergo an internal restructuring, defining priorities, scope, roles and responsibilities of the teams in Brazil and Peru. Continuing this process, 2021 was the year of consolidation of the teams.

In 2021, the year in which the new coronavirus pandemic continued to bring challenges to governments and organizations around the world, we continue to feel the impacts brought by Covid-19. Whenever possible, the company's social management projects, especially those in education, health, income generation and social support, were adapted to the pandemic scenario, in a reality in which we were forced to live with the disease for an extended period.